Faith Formation

Helping Without Hurting

An Invitation

Our new Faith Formation study series begins on Wednesday, August 19 and continues for 5 weeks. Come join the conversation over “Toxic Charity” and let’s work together to help our community without hurting it.

Everyone wants to help.

But sometimes the way in which we try to help can actually hurt people. An obvious example would be handing cash to a known addict. But there are less obvious ways, too. By giving one-way aid (we have the resources, you do not) in non-emergency situations, we can actually devalue those we seek to help and create destructive dependencies.

hands-683950_1280Robert Lupton, a Christian community developer and entrepreneur, has seen churches and charities pour “help” into communities only to see them worse off than before the help began. In his own life, Robert has worked and invested in urban Atlanta and practiced a different way of showing compassion. The strong critique he offers in his book “Toxic Charity” will certainly generate discussion, get us thinking about better ways to help our community, and might just lead us to some new ways of doing ministry together.

Toxic Charity is available for $10 in the Fellowship Hall or you can find a copy at or your favorite bookseller. The book is in no way required to participate.