Expect Something Different…

There is no shortage of churches in the Jacksonville area, including Baptist churches. But Island View is different.

  • Our people come from many church backgrounds and denominations, some with little church background at all. We think you’ll find a place here.
  • We sing grand old hymns, rolling gospel songs, and tender choruses accompanied with a choir, pipe organ, and orchestra. And our hymnals aren’t dusty – we actually use them.
  • We believe God gifts men AND women equally, even as God gifts us all differently. Women aren’t relegated to serve snacks at Vacation Bible School, they serve communion as Deacons too.
  • We aren’t right-wing or left-wing – we are a diverse bunch of people who seek to be centered in Christ.
  • We hope you won’t check your brain at the door. We confront the difficult questions together, believing that all truth is God’s truth and faith is bigger than fear.
  • Our average member is older, but our perspective is fresh and young. We are growing our ministries with children, youth, and young adults and we want you to be a part of it!

Expect the Best of “Baptist”…

Over time, the Baptist name in America has come to mean some narrow and ugly things. So much so that some churches have eliminated “Baptist” from their name.

Though our members come from many different backgrounds, together we are proud to be Baptist in that we uphold traditional Baptist values. In our new members class, we sum these up with Walter Shurden’s “Four Fragile Freedoms”:

  • Soul Freedom – Because genuine faith is voluntary and never coerced, we uphold the freedom of every person in matters of faith. God has made our souls free, and each person can relate to God without the intervention or approval of any church, state, or earthly authority.
  • Bible Freedom – The Bible is our book, and the Spirit is our guide. Each individual is free to read and interpret the Scriptures without being bent into believing certain human interpretations and traditions.
  • Church Freedom – If freedom is best for individuals, then it is also best for churches. Each local church governs its own affairs, seeking to follow the will of Christ and not the directions of a denomination.
  • Religious Freedom – Baptists have long been champions of the separation of church and state, believing that both benefit when they are free.

More to come…

Come give us a visit! We have nursery care for infants, beginning with the Bible Study time at 9:15 am. Our one worship service is at 10:30 am.

You can wear whatever feels like “Sunday” to you.