Island View Child Care Center

Mission Statement

As an outreach ministry of IVBC, our purpose is to provide an early childhood program that promotes the spiritual, cognitive, physical, emotional & social development of children from six weeks through five years of age.

Educational Philosophy of the Program

We utilize the “Wee Learn” curriculum, designed around themes which challenge a child’s development mentally, physically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally. We round out this curriculum with “Links to Literacy” in the four-year-old classroom and “Creative Curriculum” for the preschool and toddler/infant classrooms. We also follow and implement Florida’s Early Learning Standards. These performance standards from the State Board of Education include the following domains: physical health, approaches to learning, social-emotional development, language and communication, emergent literacy, cognitive development, general knowledge, mathematical thinking, scientific thinking, the arts, and motor development.

We are committed to providing Biblically-based, age-appropriate experiences to allow each child to progress in these areas at his/her own level of ability while enjoying feelings of success. Children are given the opportunity to explore their world, primarily through hands-on activities in learning centers and positive Christ like role modeling from the staff. Parent newsletters will keep you informed about each unit designed for your child’s class.

We believe that child growth, development, and education are processes that require a partnership between parents and early childhood programs. We respect and support parents in their role as primary care givers, and desire to serve as an advocate for children and their families in this community.

Program Administration

IVBC Childcare Center is a non-profit center that is licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families (# C04CL0028). The Director is responsible for its daily operation and the implementation of policies established by the Department of Children and Families.

Entrance Requirements

1. An enrollment form must be completely filled out (front/back) for each child. In order to guarantee a space for your child. This form is available at the Child Care Office.
2. A Florida Department of Health-Student Health Form (#DH3040) is required within 30 days of enrollment. This document should be signed by your child’s physician and should contain a statement of the child’s general health, including any significant medical conditions such as allergies, etc.
3. A Florida Certificate of Immunization (#DH680) is also required within 30 days of enrollment. Your physician should have both of the above forms in his/her office. Florida Law requires that Immunizations be kept up to date. Each time your child receives additional Immunizations, we must be provided with a new form within 10 days of the expiration date.
4. An “Influenza Virus Information” form must be signed by the parent (Form provided by the Child Care Office).

Service Available

A full-time program is available from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Tuition and Fees

Call for specials!

1. All tuition is due IN ADVANCE on Friday PRECEDING each week. Your child will not be accepted unless payment is received by Monday of the current week. If payment is not received, your child will be withdrawn. Your cooperation is GREATLY appreciated, as this is a non-profit center and tuition payments are used to pay our teachers.
2. Each family with more than one child enrolled in our full-time program will receive a 10% discount for the oldest child.
3. Checks should be made payable to IVBCCC (Island View Baptist Child Care Center) with the child’s name noted on the check. No Credit Card payments are accepted.