What are your thoughts on our current name, and any potential name change?

Feedback from the congregation last year resulted in this recommendation from the Beyond 2020 Team: “Study a change in the church’s name to correspond with this change in vision and strategy.”

The following internal survey (of present members and attenders) will be used by Church Council as part of this study. We will also conduct an external survey of the community. Please share your thoughts through the form below before February 28, 2019. Whether online or written, please submit only one survey per person.

Faith Formation



Join us in the Green Room each Wednesday at 6:30 pm, beginning September 7, for a new study of the many “-isms” that can distract us from the center of faith: Jesus Christ. Faith Formation is a weekly discussion led by our Pastor and all are welcomed to attend, learn, and even contribute!

Faith Formation

The Prickly Paul: What Do We Make of Him?

New in Faith Formation

Starting January 13, join us each Wednesday at 6:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall as the Pastor leads a look into the life and letters of Paul.

A Prickly Apostle

Even in his own day, people held many different opinions about Paul. These opinions weren’t always helped by Paul’s “prickly” nature. In the passing centuries, these opinioel_greco_st_paulns have only multiplied.

Some reverence Paul’s words and thoughts so deeply, anything Paul says determines how the rest of the Bible is to be interpreted.

Others approach Paul with a radical skepticism, since he (supposedly) despises women and does not challenge ancient evils such as slavery.

Who is the real Paul? How shall followers of Jesus approach the most famous follower of Jesus and the author of over half of the New Testament? How can we make better sense of his writings, which aren’t always the most accessible? As 2 Peter 3:16 says, “His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people distort.”

A Misunderstood Missionary

We would miss out on so much wisdom and truth if we read Paul through either the lens of unyielding reverence or unbending skepticism. If anything, Paul comes across as prickly because he was never one to back away from conversation, even with people who deeply misunderstood him. Of course, some ancient means of “conversing” would be considered ugly arguing in modern times. But Paul is not a modern man.

He is the first missionary to the Gentile world. Paul forever changed the world through his devotion–not to himself and his teaching–but to Jesus Christ, the Messiah, and the kingdom he firmly believed had come in him.

Let’s not be afraid to enter into conversation with Paul: prickly as he can be, misunderstood as he is, firm as his letters are. There may be much to learn in these pages.


2016 Ministry Action Plan

Our Ministry Action Plan (MAP) is our annual budget for funding our ministries. You can download the proposed 2016 MAP using the link below:

Ministry Action Plan – 2016

Faith Formation From the Pastor

Better Bible Reading… How?


When I (Pastor Kevin) moved to a new area in Texas, I encountered a new town: Tivoli, Texas. You are probably encountering it the same way I first did, reading the word. How do you pronounce it? I had an idea. Soon enough, I found my idea was wrong. They actually giggled at me.

Tivoli TX

tuh-VOAL-ee was wrong. tie-VOAL-uh was how everyone there and around there said it. For a very long time. So they should probably know how to say it. I did not.

Nor did I know that Refugio county, in which tie-VOAL-uh is located, is pronounced re-FURY-oh. Huh? The G makes an R sound? Do they teach that at tie-VOAL-uh Elementary School? Maybe so. Even if not, I promise you won’t talk Texans out of these highly creative pronunciations.


This is a small example of a fundamental issue. Nobody reads correctly, automatically, straight off the page. Everyone reads with a certain set of “eyes” and a certain frame of mind.

For Christians in Bible study, this means there is no god-like space which we can get in and simply read the Bible for ourselves, ignoring all that pesky talk about original languages, differing cultures, and issues of interpretation. To state what should be obvious: Nobody reads from nowhere. Everybody reads from somewhere. We are situated in a place, with a certain language and worldview. We have assumptions, many of which will not be the same as those made by the MANY differing authors of the Bible.

This does not make reading impossible. Far from it! It makes reading the Bible much more interesting. For often, as many have said, we discover the Bible is “reading us.”

Misreading Scripture

bookA new book challenges us to acknowledge that as modern, Western Christians, we sometimes misunderstand the Bible: Misreading Scripture With Western Eyes: Removing Cultural Blinders to Better Understand the Bible. This book will be the basis of a new study each Wednesday at Island View throughout the Fall. I invite you and challenge you to participate! There are new depths of meaning and possibility when we humble ourselves and seek help in interpreting the words of Scripture.

We’ll begin with a look at the Parable of the Prodigal Son — a favorite of so many people. Yet you and I tend to miss something in that story (and it’s not a minor detail) because of our social situation and assumptions in reading the text. Want to know what you’re missing? Join in the discussion!

Faith Formation: Better Bible Reading
By Removing Cultural Blinders

Taught by Pastor Kevin Collison

Each Wednesday beginning at 6:30 pm
in the Fellowship Hall of Island View Baptist Church

Faith Formation

Helping Without Hurting Video Session

Faith Formation

Helping Without Hurting

An Invitation

Our new Faith Formation study series begins on Wednesday, August 19 and continues for 5 weeks. Come join the conversation over “Toxic Charity” and let’s work together to help our community without hurting it.

Everyone wants to help.

But sometimes the way in which we try to help can actually hurt people. An obvious example would be handing cash to a known addict. But there are less obvious ways, too. By giving one-way aid (we have the resources, you do not) in non-emergency situations, we can actually devalue those we seek to help and create destructive dependencies.

hands-683950_1280Robert Lupton, a Christian community developer and entrepreneur, has seen churches and charities pour “help” into communities only to see them worse off than before the help began. In his own life, Robert has worked and invested in urban Atlanta and practiced a different way of showing compassion. The strong critique he offers in his book “Toxic Charity” will certainly generate discussion, get us thinking about better ways to help our community, and might just lead us to some new ways of doing ministry together.

Toxic Charity is available for $10 in the Fellowship Hall or you can find a copy at or your favorite bookseller. The book is in no way required to participate.


Summer Quest Lock In


Please register online at Kid Event Pro.

And ensure you have completed an Activity Participation Agreement for 2015 Summer Quest activities.

The Scoop

Island View Children’s Ministry will be hosting a CHURCH LOCK IN on Wednesday, July 1st from 6PM to 6:30AM. Each child’s parent or legal guardian will need to sign a participation event agreement. The LOCK IN will include food, crafts, music, games and a movie. Bring your bed roll or sleeping bag and have a good time.

* 4 and 5 year olds may have the option of having their parents pick them up at 8PM. Kids with chaperones may stay for the evening through morning at the chaperones discretion.


Journey Off the Map VBS Video


2015 VBS Pictures

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