Missions News

Operation Christmas Child

2014 Church-Wide Mission Project

This year we are preparing shoe boxes collectively as a church. Each month we will collect different items for 200 shoe boxes for boys and girls, ages 5-9. We will have a church-wide packing party to fill the shoe boxes in October. If you would still like to pack your own Christmas Child shoe box, please feel free to do so.

Collection Report

We have met our goal with soap, washcloths, toys, and toothpaste
July & August Project: School Supplies: 400 pencils, children’s scissors, 24-pack crayons; 3 X 5 notepads — be watching for the back-to-school sales


A guide to four types of Bible study learners

Just because you gather people in a room and call it Bible study doesn’t mean everyone learns in the same way, says a Baptist pastor. Here are the four types of adult learners he has found in church small groups.

Mark Wingfield: A guide to four types of Bible study learners | Faith & Leadership.